What is the function of Game Nodes in the GameChain network?

Game Nodes authenticate transactions by confirming they follow network protocols and consensus rules. This involves validating transaction signatures, preventing duplicate spending, and confirming adherence to network standards.

Game Nodes receive compensation in $GAME tokens, GameChain rewards, and transaction fees for their efforts.

How GameChain rewards work?

GameChain rewards serve as an avenue for allocating extra rewards to Game Node validators for their roles in network validation and resource provision.

These extra rewards are intricately linked to the GameChain network and its affiliated projects, presenting a varied array of rewards alongside the native $GAME tokens.

What's the process for selecting transaction validators and GameChain rewards recipients?

At five-minute intervals, the network employs an algorithm to pick a set of validators from the node pool, considering their hash power compared to the total hash power of all current network nodes.

Chosen validators validate transactions in the next block. After successful validation, the block joins the blockchain, and validators receive transaction fees. Additionally, they earn GameChain rewards to further encourage their engagement.

How are $GAME token rewards distributed?

Validators become eligible for $GAME token rewards by possessing a Game Key and engaging in network validation by staking the Game Key.

These tokens are allocated to active nodes, irrespective of their selection for validating the ongoing transaction batch. The distribution stems from $GAME tokenomics and is shared among all active validators.

What steps are needed to activate a Game Node?

Activating a Game Node involves staking a minimal amount of $GAME tokens. Upon activation, you can start earning rewards.

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