$GAME Rewards

GameChain has allocated a total of 250,000,000 tokens (25% of the total supply) to reward node validators for their efforts in maintaining and securing the GameChain network.

Initial Distribution

  • In the first year, 10,416,667 $GAME tokens will be distributed monthly among active nodes.

  • To qualify for these rewards, validators must own a Game Key, have the necessary software operational, and actively participate in the network validation process.

Dynamic Rewards

  • Reward distribution dynamically adjusts according to the node tier selling stage, directly linking node sales to the network's expansion. This ensures that as the network grows, the rewards system evolves in tandem, maintaining fairness and incentive alignment.

  • With each new tier, the entry price for acquiring new nodes escalates, purposefully elevating the cost to prevent dilution of rewards for existing validators.

Reward Halving

  • To preserve the value and sustainability of $GAME tokens over time, an annual halving event will occur. This mechanism ensures the longevity and appreciation of the token's value.

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