Network Validation

GameChain network leverages a sophisticated consensus algorithm that not only promotes security but also incentivizes participant engagement through a fair and transparent validation process.

Core Principles

The network's validation mechanism is built on three core principles:

  • Decentralization: Ensuring the network remains protected against attacks and central points of failure by distributing validation power among a wide array of nodes.

  • Fairness: Adopting a probabilistic approach to validator selection that rewards participants based on their stake, thus encouraging a healthy, competitive environment.

  • Security: Implementing rigorous criteria and penalties for validators to safeguard against malicious activities and maintain network integrity.

Validator Selection

Every five minutes, a new batch of validators is selected to verify the next block of transactions. This selection is based on a weighted random algorithm, where the probability of being chosen is directly proportional to the amount of $GAME tokens staked. The mechanism ensures that while larger stakeholders have a higher chance of being selected, smaller stakeholders still possess a significant opportunity to participate, thereby maintaining network decentralization.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for selection as a validator, Game Nodes must:

  • Own a Game Key license.

  • Stake a minimum amount of $GAME tokens.

Validation Process

Selected validators are tasked with verifying the transactions within their assigned block. This process is automatic and includes:

  • Checking the validity of transaction signatures.

  • Ensuring the transaction has not been previously included in the blockchain (double-spend prevention).

  • Verifying that the transaction complies with network rules and protocols.

Upon successful validation, the block is proposed to the network to be added to the blockchain.

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