Rewards and Penalties


Validators who successfully validate a block are rewarded with:

  1. A portion of the Transaction fees.

  2. $GAME tokens, distributed from the tokenomics.

  3. GameChain rewards coming from the games launched on the GameChain network.


Validators found to be acting maliciously, such as attempting to approve fraudulent transactions or disrupting the network's operation, will face penalties including:

  1. Slashing of a portion of their staked $GAME tokens.

  2. Temporary exclusion from future validator selections.

Security Measures

To further ensure the network's security and reliability, the validation mechanism incorporates several additional measures, including:

  • Multi-Signature Validation: Requiring multiple validators to agree on a block's validity before it is added to the blockchain.

  • Random Sampling: Periodically reviewing blocks validated by nodes to ensure compliance with network rules.

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