GameChain Rewards

These additional incentives are directly tied to the GameChain network and the projects it incubates, offering a diverse portfolio of rewards beyond the native $GAME tokens.

Eligibility for GameChain Rewards

To be eligible for these rewards, each Node Key holder is required to stake a minimum of 500 $GAME tokens. This prerequisite ensures active participation and contributes to the network's security and efficiency.

For more information on staking and staking multipliers refer to Staking

Distribution Mechanism

The rewards from the different games within the network will be drawn from a combined pool, shared among Game Node validators who are actively staking their $GAME tokens.

The first three games that GameChain will be incubating and launching on their blockchain are:

  • PixelPix

  • Overtrip

  • Dark Frontiers.

Benefits to Validators

By validating the network and staking $GAME tokens, Game Node validators not only contribute to the ecosystem's health but also stand to gain additional tokens as rewards. This not only enhances the validators' potential gains but also adds an exciting layer of utility and incentive, motivating further participation in the GameChain network's validation process.

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