Network Proofing

The core feature of GameChain network is its validation process, which occurs every five minutes, leveraging a dynamic selection of node validators based on the $GAME tokens staked (hashpower).

Network Overview

The network utilizes $GAME tokens as the primary asset for staking and validator selection. The process is designed to encourage participation by offering a sliding scale of probability for selection as a validator, directly correlated with the amount of $GAME tokens staked within a node.

Token Staking Requirements

  • Minimum Stake: 500 $GAME

  • Maximum Stake: 5,000 $GAME

The design imposes limits on the staking amount to promote equitable participation and prevent network domination by high-capacity stakeholders.

For more information on staking and staking multipliers refer to Staking

Validator Selection Process

Every five minutes, the network executes a selection algorithm to choose a batch of validators from the pool of nodes based on the following criteria:

  • Hashpower: A node's hashpower, indicated by the $GAME tokens staked, directly influences its selection frequency. Higher staked amounts result in greater hashpower, thus increasing the node's chances of being selected.

  • Weighted Selection: The selection algorithm incorporates a pseudo-random process, favoring nodes with higher hashpower without excluding those meeting the minimum requirements.

Validation Mechanism

Selected validators are responsible for verifying the transactions within the upcoming block. Upon successful validation, the block is added to the blockchain, and validators are rewarded with transaction fees and GameChain rewards as an incentive for their participation. $GAME token rewards are distributed across all active Game Nodes, they are time based and are not subject to transaction verification logic.

Security and Integrity

To ensure the network's integrity and security, validators found to be acting maliciously or failing to validate transactions correctly are penalized. Penalties include the slashing of a portion of the staked $GAME tokens and temporary exclusion from the validator selection pool.

The aim of GameChain is to create a balanced, secure, and efficient blockchain ecosystem. By incentivizing token holders to participate actively in network validation, it ensures a decentralized and democratic process that aligns with the network's overarching goals of transparency and community governance.

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