What is a Game Node?

A Game Node represents a fundamental component of the GameChain network, serving as a cornerstone for the blockchain's operation and governance. It is a staked node key that validates transactions, securing the network, and ensuring the integrity of the blockchain.

Below are the core aspects of a Game Node:


  • Transaction Validation: Game Nodes validate transactions, ensuring they adhere to network protocols and consensus rules. This includes verifying transaction signatures, preventing double-spending, and checking compliance with network standards.

  • Block Production: Participating in the block production process, Game Nodes contribute to the creation and validation of new blocks, which are added to the blockchain after successful validation.

  • Network Security: By participating in the consensus mechanism, Game Nodes help secure the network against attacks and maintain its decentralized nature.

To operate a fully functional Game Node validator within the GameChain network, it's imperative to acquire a Game Key.

This key serves as a digital license, granting holder the right to participate in the network's consensus mechanism and validate transactions.

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