Protection protocol

Gamestarter Strengthens IDO Security Measures to Enhance Community Protection

Gamestarter is delighted to announce enhancements to our Protection Protocol, reinforcing our commitment to providing a secure environment for token transactions on our launchpad. Community security remains a paramount aspect of our mission, and your invaluable feedback has inspired us to upgrade our protection measures.

The interaction between our platform and the community has underscored the need for these enhancements. We are committed to hearing your concerns and implementing solutions that safeguard your interests.

To mitigate the risk of customer dissatisfaction and enhance the security of transactions, we are introducing revised terms that leverage decentralized technology:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eligibility for refunds under the Protection Protocol is exclusively for participants who have staked the required minimum of $GAME tokens for the IDO’s PRIVATE Round.

Revised Protocol Terms

Decentralized Token Handling for IDOs:

In line with our commitment to security and decentralization, the allocation of tokens for any specific IDO will be managed through smart contracts. Participants are required to interact with these contracts directly, ensuring a decentralized and secure mechanism for token sales and distributions.

Tokens are to be allocated to the smart contract 24 hours before the IDO commences. This decentralized approach ensures that, should any issue arise during the IDO, the smart contract is equipped to manage participants' funds securely and organize refunds where applicable.

Funds raised during the IDO will be conditionally held by the smart contract for a period of 7 days post-listing, ensuring participant satisfaction and addressing potential concerns.

Refund Mechanisms:

Participants who meet the staking requirements for the IDO's PRIVATE Round and experience a drop in token value below 20% within the first 7 days from release, without a return to its initial price within 24 hours, may be eligible for refunds. These refunds are facilitated entirely through smart contracts, adhering to the conditions outlined below:

Eligibility for refunds is confined to participants who have not traded or moved the token, are actively staking $GAME, and initiate the refund process during the designated 48-hour window.

Participants seeking refunds must interact with the smart contract to return any claimed tokens. The smart contract will then process refunds according to the programmed conditions.

Full Token Listing and Price Drops:

For projects with a 100% token release at the TGE and experiencing a price drop below 20% of its listing value, similar refund conditions apply as managed by the smart contract.

Vesting Schedule Adjustments:

In scenarios where the project's token price drops by 50% below the IDO and does not recover by the 14th day post-vesting, the smart contract will autonomously adjust the vesting schedule. This may include issuing remaining undistributed tokens to eligible participants requesting refunds.

Gamestarter's thorough due diligence process ensures that we partner only with projects that demonstrate tangible utility and potential benefits to our community. This includes evaluating the team, project roadmap, tokenomics, and the foundational idea behind each project.

Our revised Protection Protocol, powered by decentralized solutions, aims to maintain Gamestarter as the most secure launchpad for buyers. Your feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement, so please feel free to share your thoughts through our communication channels.

At Gamestarter, we remain dedicated to enhancing community security through innovative, decentralized solutions, ensuring a trustworthy and satisfying experience for all participants.

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